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Rex Sergeant Upchurch,

I grew up in east Houston and like a lot of kids was involved in athletics playing baseball, basketball, soccer, track, golf, and even sang in choir. Thank you mom for making me play ball whether I cared to or not! Through my involvement at an early age with athletics I made friends who included me in a lot of activities other than the playing fields that we shared which included waterfowl hunting and fishing. My friends dads would treat me like their own and take me along on many outdoor adventures. I attribute those times to finding my true passion...fishing. I have spent the majority of my life enjoying the salty inshore waters chasing trout and redfish. I am very thankful to be able to make a living being so intimately involved in what I am so passionate about and it is an honor to build a tool for those who share my passion.

How did you get a name like Sarge?

I have been answering this one for a long time and I never get tired of the reply. I am named after my grandfather Howard Chester Upchurch who was a Master Sergeant in the Green Berets and served our country for 26 years. My mom is very proud of her dad and was determined to honor her dad by naming me after him only she did not like his name thus naming me by his title Sergeant. I have gone by "Sarge" since the second grade. While I was never in the military I hold the highest respect for the men and women who protect our freedoms. I have three great kids, two beautiful daughters Nicky and Ashleigh, and a son Sarge Jr...we will never forget!

Thank you for your consideration of being a customer of Sarge Customs,Sarge

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